Quality Wood Floor Staining in Auckland

A lot of people look at staining as a luxury project, but it’s actually quite affordable and easy to achieve. The only truth in that idea is that the finished product does provide a luxurious look.

Have professionals do the job for you to avoid a DIY floor staining gone wrong. I Sand Floors has been providing wood floor staining projects in Auckland for many years now. We are skilled and trained in this industry to deliver results that not only meet your standards, but also exceed your expectations. 

Factors to Consider

Before having your wooden floors expertly stained by our team, you should consider the following factors. 

Before you begin imagining the future stained look of your hardwood floor, consider first the existing shade of your floor. If necessary, consult with experts to pick the right stain as the wrong shade will not only make your floor look unsightly, but even damage it. 

This includes the quality of your hardwood floor and the quality of the wood floor staining you will apply. The finished appearance depends heavily on these two. Even two pieces of similar species of wood can look different, depending on the stain colour and the application. 

Remember, you’re staining your wooden floor for an added flair and for protection. I Sand Floors promises to deliver a wood floor staining that looks as luxurious as luxury can be.
Freshly stained wooden floor
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