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Wooden floors are relatively easy to maintain. As the floor naturally receives a lot of wear, tear and various kinds of damage, wear spots, scratches and gouges are common problems. High-traffic areas are generally vulnerable to damage. Avoid even bigger replacement projects by repairing any damage with our professional Auckland floor repair services.  

Common Damages 

Wood and floors have been Peter's expertise for over 25 years. Whatever damage your wooden floor is suffering from, he can fix it and bring the wow factor back. 

Spots and Patches 
Unattractive wear spots and patches are common damages on wooden floors. This occurs when the finish and stain wears away, leaving the wood exposed and bare. Sanding helps with the patch if it’s very small, but for large and unsightly patches, consult with experts. We have a team of specialists when it comes to floor repairs in Auckland. 

For households with overly enthusiastic pets or with heavy furnishing constantly being moved around, scratches are a common enemy. While it’s not too much of a problem, it can damage the wooden floor and reduce its worth. Grit on shoes also contributes to scratches so it helps to remove shoes in certain parts of the house. Polishing or floor repair is necessary to bring back a heavily scratched wooden floor’s lost lustre. 

If the problem with your floor is beyond spots and scratches and are more of a gouge, you’ll need a professional to help you deal with this repair. 

Wooden floors are beautiful while they are maintained and taken care of. Preserve the beauty of your floors by regularly committing to regular floor repairs in Auckland. Not only will it keep your floors looking great, it also saves you from bigger and costlier replacement projects in the future.

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