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Do you have a question about what I Sand Floors has to offer? Curious about polyurethane floor coating, staining or how our appointments work? Browse through the following FAQs for more information about I Sand Floors. We get bombarded with questions and we love to help and answer anything you throw at us, so send I Sand Floors a question today!


Can I stay in my home while the floors are being sanded?
This depends on the size and area being done. Most people decide to leave because of the noise and smell. This can be discussed at the time of quotation, to make a decision based on your own circumstances. Rest assured, we will take as much care with your home as you would — security is paramount, and we will do all lock and alarm checks every day.

Will a lot of dust be created?
The equipment we use in floor sanding is designed to eliminate most of the dust, but we would be lying to say it is completely dust free. Having a dust free environment for the final coat is a huge priority, so we do a thorough clean up. If you are especially concerned about the dust getting through your house we recommend covering your open doorways with plastic sheeting and tape.

When can I walk on my floors after they have been done?
Water based polyurethane takes 4-6 hours to dry, and moisture cured (or solvent based) takes up to 12 hours to dry. After the first coat if you have to walk on it you just need to wait until its dry, but we recommend for the final coat that you avoid walking on it for at least 24hours after it is finished. We recommend you avoid moving furniture onto the newly polished floors for at least 72hours, but this is not always practical, so I can give you some tips if this is the case. When you put the furniture back you must lift it into place, not drag it, as this may scuff the finish. Please NEVER push your fridge across your new floor, even if it is on wheels.

What finishes are available for my floor?
You can choose from Low Sheen, Satin or Gloss.

Low Sheen: Hard wearing, hidesdirt/scratches. Suitable for all timbers, good for service areas

Satin: Hard wearing, moderately shiny finish, similar to traditional waxes

Gloss: Hard wearing, but the extremely shiny finish can show marks and scratches.

You can also choose the water borne polyurethane –while not as hard wearing it can be more convenient for your application.

Can other tradesmen be there when you are?
Not if they have to walk on the floor once we start coating it — no-one can walk on the floor then. We advise you to get all other work done first, and the floors done last. If you are doing your kitchen we advise you to leave the kickboards off for a better finish. I can also pre sand and seal your kitchen area before installation.

Can you remove my previous floor covering?
Yes, however this will cost extra.

Can you fix broken floor boards?
Yes!We can do most repairs on floors from old waste pipe holes, broken boards to filling in your old fire place— this can be quoted if you require it.

What do I need to do before you start?
You need to remove all furniture from the area to be done. Ensure that there are live power points in the areas to be done. Ensure your pets are secure especially on the last coat. If you are away while you are getting your floor sanded, I will happily feed them and give them an occasional pat. I do recommend removing any fish tanks though.

I already have polished floors — can I get them re-sanded?
It will depend on the condition of the floor, but most sands take only a very fine layer of wood, so it should be fine. We can advise you of that at quoting time.

How should I look after my newly polished floors?
Ensure you keep your floors clean by sweeping away any grit regularly. You should also mop your floor with a static mop, to get rid of any fine particles that sweeping may leave behind. Do not use abrasive floor cleaners — a bucket of hot water with half a cup of Methylated Spirits will work well without damaging your finish. Steam mops are not recommended.
House floor after sand
Sanded house floor
House floor after expert sand
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