Polyurethane Floor Treatment

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You have many choices when it comes to floor coating and protection. Polyurethane, however, is a great option to protect the floor against stains, chemicals, oil and other kinds of damage and wear. It is light reflective, long lasting and quite easy to clean. I Sand Floors has been providing Auckland with polyurethane floor coatings for 26 years. Count on us to bring back your floor’s lost shine while it withstands all sorts of stains and wear.

Polyurethane Coating Benefits 

Polyurethane is a high performance coating, and though it has different formulations, the benefits remain relatively similar and incredibly impressive. If you’re unsure or unconvinced whether you should have polyurethane floor treatment, here are some of its benefits. 

Apart from wood, polyurethane also works wonders on other surface materials, like metal, plastic and virtually any type of flooring surface. This feature makes polyurethane floor coatings popular with customers, either for their home improvement projects or for clients in varied competitive industries. 

One of the primary benefits of polyurethane is unparalleled protection. When applied, the coating creates an impermeable barrier between the surface and other elements. 
Through polyurethane floor coatings, you are able to seal out water, dirt, mud, and other natural surface enemies. It also allows protection from humidity, oxidation and corrosion.
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